Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another dull day

Sorry I couldn't post yesterday. I had an invitation to attend a weekly BBQ to get some burgers. Unfortunately the guy with the tickets couldn't make it so we ended up at the Chinese restaurant. I use the term restaurant liberally. We actually made the decision to go back to the restaurant because we did not get explosive diarrhea the last time.

The standards of cleanliness here are well, not here. They think good meat is when you slit the throat of a cow and then hack it up and eat it. They don’t hang it or anything. When I was in Jordan I asked for a thick steak and all it was was a thin slice of beef folded in half to make it look thicker. They have no clue. Man I can’t wait till my next vacation to get a decent bottle of red wine and a nice juicy grain fed Argentinean steak.

Today is laundry day. I am doing my laundry now. It is also Friday. Thursdays are the Middle East version of Friday. It is also about time to go get a drink at the Embassy bar, which is called the “Lock and Load”. I always laugh at that because there are all these signs saying you can’t drink while armed but nobody is there to enforce it. I have a cool picture that I can’t find right now of me standing next to the “No drinking While Armed” sign with an AK47, a Walther P99 and a 16oz Carlsberg. Priceless. I also have to post my picture with the thermometer needle buried past 135.

So what is all this with Israel and Lebanon? Not good for Lebanon.

I heard a joke a while back:

Osama Bin Laden, a Canadian and an American engineer are walking along and find a genie bottle. They rub it and the genie pops out and offers them each a wish.

The Canadian requests that his homeland be blessed and bountiful and that all the inhabitants receive good crops. “BAM, Done!” says the genie.

It is now Osama’s turn and he asks for a wall to be built around the entire Middle East. He wants the wall to be so high and so thick that no American or Israeli armies can ever cross it and that they be left alone. “BAM, Done!” says the genie.

The American engineer asks the genie how high the wall is. “200 feet” and he asks how thick it is “40 feet”. The engineer does some mental calculations and says “Fine, fill it up”

Well I like the joke anyway, but it brings me to my point. More of a question than a point. When is genocide OK? Is it ever OK? I think I know the answers to those questions. What more, or less, can Israel do with the Palestinians? Really, what have they not done that will make the maniacs happy and should they even bother? I know that the Palestinians have lost the moral high ground with their tactics but the Jews are not innocent little white lambs either. Israel has committed atrocities on the so called Palestinians but they have not bombed busses.

So what ever to do? Smallpox is a pretty bad disease. Smallpox was eradicated. Smallpox is not a problem anymore. Yeah yeah, now I am a radical. Oh well. What else can they do? What more can they concede short of Israel itself? These lunatics will never be happy until all Jews are dead and they are sitting in the Holy Land. Fight fire with fire, peace thru strength.

What would you do if you lived in Israel? What would you do if nearly everyday your loved ones were killed? I know what I would do.

Anyway, just my thoughts, you don’t have to like them.

Here is a shot of me and my buddy in Kuwait. I am actually 6 foot 3 but next to this giant I look short. We took the picture here because of the "Diplomatic Man Salon" in the background. I got another from Dubai in front of the "Bin Laden Trading Company" and yes there is a relation.



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