Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer Ball Photos

Here are the pictures from the Summer Ball at the UK Embassy. What an awesome time that was. BTW, it is 1230 PM here and that is when I get to watch O’Reilly. He just had a piece on oil. How are you guys dealing with the price of gas? Wow, I was just on TV, we don’t get commercials on Fox here, we get all these Fox news extras and they just showed me sitting in a chair watching them film the “Baghdad Idol”. Some Air Force officer won it. She wasn’t bad, and was offered a recording contract. Anyway, how in the world do you guys deal with the price of gas? 3 dollars a gallon? What a joke. The last tank of gas I bought in the United States cost me about $1.20. I can remember paying $.97 when I lived in Georgia. This situation is out of control. We need to develop a car that runs on coconut juice or something. We can’t keep paying this much. It would cost me $75 to fill my tank 1 time at 3 bucks a gallon! I fill it 4 times a month. And all that money goes right to some fat Arab or Exxon. We have to fix this.

We have to get our own oil and we have to develop a car that runs on something else. We need to get out of the Middle East and let them swim in their oil instead of our cash. Screw this.

Later I will post about immigration. Bottom line is that we need to re-deploy every soldier in Korea to our southern border. More to follow on that. CalifChris, if you are reading this, send me an email with your thoughts on immigration so I can add them to my post. I believe you are an expert on the topic and welcome your input. Please do not mention Bush unless you also mention every president in the history of the United States:)

This is me and my date having dinner. It is a horrible picture of me, but none of you probably noticed.

This is me on the dance floor. You had to search didn't you?!

GEN Casey.



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