Wednesday, July 26, 2006


My deputy is Kurdish. Well he is American now, but he was born and raised in Kurdistan till he was about 35. I will just leave it at that for now because his story could fill many blogs. A very interesting man to say the least.

So anyway, today I was thinking more about leaving Iraq and I began to wonder why Kurdistan doesn’t leave Iraq. I asked “G” what he thought. I also met a Kurdish 2-star General who was visiting G and I asked him what he thought about an independent Kurdistan. And I also met another dude that works in the National Assembly as an aide to one of the useless politicians what he thinks.

They all told me that they would love to see a free and independent K-stan. But they all, independent of the others, told me it was not possible because of Turkey and Iran and more importantly, they have no friends. They are all convinced, and I believe them, that if the US or ISRAEL would back them (or some other big EU country) that they could gain their independence.

Why don’t we back them? Obviously it is complicated but look at this. Why the hell shouldn’t K-stan go their own way? It was the Brits that created Iraq; why not let it be the US that unmakes it. Just give K-stan to the Kurds and be done with it. Here is why I think it would help. Too many cooks spoil the broth right? You have Christians, men, women, Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish politicians in Iraq all trying to put there 2 cents in. Take away the Kurds and there is less to argue about, worry about, complain about and waste time talking about. Just let them go.

And, K-stan, in contrast to Iraq, is beautiful. There are hills and trees and it even snows there. The people are way more like us than the Iraqis. I have walked around without body armor and unarmed in centuries old markets in Arbil and Suleymania. No problem. They don’t care. They look at me because I am a 6’3” white boy with blonde hair, but that’s about it. I am a curio there. They could care less. They want to make a better future for their children and that is it. Bring back Bremer, sign CPA order number whatever’s next and make Kurdistan a separate sovereign nation. So what if the Turks get pissed? What are they gonna do about it, become more anti-American? What is Iran gonna do about it?

Speaking of Iran, we need to nuke them. We also need to nuke Syria and Saudi Arabia and throw Egypt in there just for good measure. And France.

Funny thing about France. Today an Iraqi accused me of not looking American. I was not surprised, this happens all the time but usually in Asia and I am getting blamed for being a Canuck, a pom, or a kangaroo. Anyway, this dude said I looked German or FRENCH! I nearly had a heart attack. I asked him why on Earth he thought I looked like a frog and he said it was because I had blonde hair and green eyes. Apparently he must have met the 1 French guy that has blonde hair and green eyes. I explained to him that his comment was insulting and that nobody likes French people so he shouldn’t accuse people of being French. He understood and apologized. I didn’t have to shoot him.

Well anyway, that’s about it. Tonight me and my buddy are going to a BBQ at the Bearing Point compound and then we are heading to the Blue Star Café at the RTI compound for some drinks. Should be fun. I can stay late because my AC is broke again so I aint going in tomorrow till it’s fixed.


Here are the pics I couldn't previously post. This is a cute Thai girl near a sign marking the path of the tsunami in Phuket. My hotel is about 3 meters away from this location.

This is a cool monkey in Penang, Malaysia. What a great trip that was

This is from petra in Jordan. A must see place for anyone. Absolutely amazing place with so much history.


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