Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Danish Cartoons

These guys are gluttons for punishment. They went ahead and reprinted the damn cartoons. So they are closing roads in Kabul and I can’t make it to the restaurant. Not only that, but there will be tons of cops on the roads so it will be harder to get booze. Oh well.

Other than that, not terribly much is new. I think I am going to Dubai next week for a meeting with the big boss. I also have to meet with several of our suppliers. Today I made a contact to provide 450 1000Watt Metal-Halide outdoor lights. Yes, boring, but these things put out like 80,000 lumens. So they will have a total of 27 light trees with 15 of these suckers on each one. That works out to a little over 1M lumens per tree or about 30M total lumens. I am not an engineer or anything, but I think they will be able to see it from Mars! My SureFire puts out 120 Lumens and is one of the brightest flashlights you can buy. Freaking 36 MILLION Lumens. They may just end up melting the ice caps when they plug these in.

So I hope to see these in Dubai. I am also going to inspect the construction of a 1250m3 aluminum water storage tank and I have to look at the quality of 150 eastern toilets, 200 ceramic sinks as well as 204 soap holders. Normally my job is a little more interesting, I promise. But, if I have to count shower basins for a free trip to the Meridien in Dubai, well I will count them all the day long.

Anyway, I hope all my friends and family are well. Miss you. See you in about 10 months.



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