Saturday, February 02, 2008

Some more photos in Afghanistan

Well I tried to post my video again. It doesn’t look like it worked. Sorry.

So I was walking back from chow just now and the guard was sitting down resting his head on the barrel of the AK. I had to correct that. What a freak.

Anyway, today was cool. I didn’t get much done, but it was OK. I tried, unsuccessfully, to get into the US Embassy. A DoD CAC plus US Passport will not get you in. I already knew it but tried anyway. Oh well, I am working on getting a new embassy badge. I also went to the ISAF HQ. They have beer in the restaurants there. Was not expecting that. I think the military that work there can drink. Good. Why is the US practically the only country on the planet that does not allow the military to drink, gamble and screw while in a war zone? What fun is left?

I am going to post some pictures now. Hopefully they will work.


My HQ:

My view from my window:

My living room:

Some kid: After looking at this picture again, I realized I could have shot him for having an IIED. An iPOD IED.

Some doors:


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