Friday, February 01, 2008

Driving to the job site

Today was a very bad day. It sucks because today is a half day and tomorrow is a day off. I was planning to perform a Class VI resupply but now I do not feel like going out.

My coworker’s grandmother passed away at 1300 today. It sucks because he is a great guy and they were very close. She went into a coma this morning and he was at the hospital all day.

Well this job I have is with a construction company. I am not an engineer or architect or anything so a lot of the stuff they ask me to get I have no idea of what it is. Today however, I needed to check on some tables. That I can do. So I drove to the site where we have all our tables stored. What I had to do was check to make sure they would hold 6 trays for food. It turns out that they wont, they will only hold 4 trays.

While I was at the site I bumped into some Army and managed to get a few 12 gauge rounds. Now I just need to get the guns to along with them. The guys had been way too close to the car bomb that went off this morning about 5 blocks from me. No one in their convoy got hurt thankfully. It was pretty loud. It has been a long time since I heard a big explosion. I can’t say that I miss it.

Well it was on the way back when I realized that at any moment someone could blow themselves up or shoot my happy ass and I had just risked my life to drive to a storage container to make sure that 6 stupid trays fit on a table. Then again, I actually kind of like that shit.

Well I learned some new curse words in Dari today. Say "Koonee" to an Afghan and see what happens LOL!

Well I posted 9 pictures and lost connection. I am going to try to post some more without commentary and see what happens.



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