Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Off फ्रिदय ऑफ़

I love having a job that lets me have off most of Thursday and all of Friday. Yesterday was pretty good. We had to sit thru a power point show. Anyone that has endured seemingly endless slideshow presentations, usually the last 30 minutes of the last day of the week, knows why they call them “Death by PowerPoint”. Well try listening to one in Urdu. You want to talk about painful?

Anyway, I survived it and went into the weekend. Last night we took a buddy to a place where he could, enjoy himself. We all drank some Coronas and ended up at the Brit bar. Can’t ever remember the name but they call it the dungeon cause it is like in the basement. Cool bar.

And today I went to Camp Phoenix to see what they had at the PX. Nothing much better than at Camp Eggers. They had a local Bazaar but didn’t sell many movies or CDs. I am fixing to head over to Eggers and see what they have. I managed to get some decent rum today. I got 2 bottles of Pampero rum from Venezuela. Good stuff.

They did upgrade our Vsat so now the internet is twice as fast. I am still trudging along, but it feels like it is blazing. It isn’t but it is so much better.

Later. Oh yes, there is someone that needs to come join the team here in Afghanistan. He knows who he is. I promise you will love it here.



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