Thursday, February 21, 2008

Politics and Afghanis

Well it has been a while since I put up a post. A lot has happened since Friday. Nothing bad. Yesterday I went to the Safi Landmark Hotel to do some shopping. I am trying to buy a Nokia E90 Communicator, but the ones they had at Safi are maroon and I want a black one like the Pinoy Gov have.

After Safi, I went with a buddy to a new restaurant. I met a Frenchie named Dan who owns the only French restaurant in town called Le Bistro. It was very nice. I was not expecting such a small portion of food, but then I remembered that it was a French restaurant. Had a plate of assorted meats, some very good fresh baked bread and I had some pasta for the main dish. My buddy had a tuna sandwich.

As far as restaurants go, I would say that it was at least as good as any chain restaurant in the US in terms of service and value, but when you are in the middle of bloody Afghanistan and have had little other than chicken and rice, I guess it just tastes that much better.

Today I was explaining to my Afghani co-workers about the policies and stuff in the US. They were laughing so hard about us having to have a fishing license to fish. When I explained that we have cops out there who will check your live well and ticket you if you have the wrong fish they nearly died laughing. He said “I would tell that cop to get lost, this is my fish and I am going to eat it” and then he said “I would give him 5 dollars and tell him to piss off”. Then I had to explain that you can get in trouble for buying someone off.

They were laughing so bloody hard that they were crying. I explained to them about having to use the turn signal in the car, and that you will get a ticket if you swerve all over the road like we do here. They thought I was joking. They said, “How do you miss the potholes? Anyway, then one of them asked if we had gays in the US. I told him yes of course we have gays, so many gays. They did not believe me that they have those gay pride parades, I had to show them a Google Image of this gay parade. They were so shocked. They could not believe we allowed it.

I told them about abortion on demand, late term abortions and divorces. They had no idea about this stuff. But let me tell you, they know more about American politics than even most Americans. They know all the names and faces.

Anyway, it was very funny. They could not believe that we tolerate this stuff. They also now know how bad it would be for them if the Democrats get power. They are now solid McCain supporters. I let them know that when Osama Bin Laden does his daily prayers, he is praying to Allah that Hillary or Barack get elected. They laughed about that, and agreed.



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