Friday, August 18, 2006

Poolside Ponderings

Well, today was nice I guess. It is Friday so I got to sleep in. I really needed that because of all the sleep I lost whilst traveling. I managed to also get about an hour to tan my white ass by the pool. I can get very dark but I lose my tan quickly. So what do you girls think of tan lines on guys? There really isn't a way to prevent them unless you use a Euro-Trash Man Thong which I would never wear. I like tan lines on girls a lot.

So I am not going to post any pictures till I get a reliable computer. I want a top of the line laptop, money is no concern. I am considering a Macintosh actually. I want a huge monitor , tons of Ram and a huge hard drive. I also want the damn thing to work.

Well, not to much new to report. It is really hot here now. I have my AC on full blast yet the coolest I can get my hooch is about 80F. I like to keep it at 70 but the outside temperature just wont permit that. This sucks, for some reason my backspace key doesn't work while using this program called Oh well, better than nothing.



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