Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another post from the Atlantic Ocean

Another Post at Sea
DAY 34
2019 Hours – Tue 31 October 2006

At Sea Day 11

I was going to apologize for not writing anything for a few days but then I decided against it. Things have been very busy the last few days and I really just haven’t had time. Yesterday we finished the trans-Atlantic portion of the crossing when we arrived in St. Marteen on the Dutch side. It was really cool. It was also really funny because some people were kissing the ground when we got off. I could see if we were in a damn lifeboat and managed to make it across after a few months and had to eat our own legs to survive, but I would hardly call six days on a floating hotel that is over 1/8th of a mile long a hard time. I mean get real, what was so hard about the crossing that you had to kiss the ground? Maybe they ordered the wrong room service or had spoiled beer. Whatever. I see no need in kissing the ground.

Did I mention that there was a rumor going around that we hit a whale? Well there was. At least 3 people told me we hit a whale. Like that would even do anything. Anyway. BRB. We are fixing to leave the port and I need to snap some pictures. I also need to see if the pilot boat comes back and puts a pilot onboard. There is a rumor that there is a pilot strike going and that there is only 1 pilot. Well, another ship left ten minutes ago and there is no way the pilot could be back by now. Hang on I will check.


DAY 35
1722 Hours – Wed 1 November 2006

At Sea Day 12

Today we went to Puerto Rico. It was really cool. I was expecting it to be a little different but it was very much like any city in the US except the roads are narrower.

Incomplete post.

DAY 36
1205 Hours – Thu 2 November 2006

At Sea Day 13

I hope to finish this one soon. I should be back on US soil Saturday. Yay.