Sunday, July 30, 2006

Secretary Rice

What an amazing woman Condoleezza Rice is. She is absolutely one of the brightest and well spoken individuals I can think of. I think it is fantastic that people like her and Colin Powell are able to accomplish so much in their careers. I have so much respect for both of them and really hope to see at least one of them become the President or Vice-President in the next few elections. I can’t think of a better time or better people to break the historic “white male only” line of Presidents. I would be proud to serve in the Army with Dr. Rice as the Commander in Chief.

Special note to Condi:

If you read this, I encourage you to run at least for VP. I am a standard white male and I know plenty of other standard, random white dudes that will vote for you. Race will be an issue for some for sure and you are a chick, which is not so great, but I know you could probably win and believe me I am an expert. Take this opportunity to move from 4th in line to 2nd in line at least. And keep up the good work. I hear a lot of people blathering on badly about you on CNN and BBC and other liberal MSM networks (is that an oxymoron?), but don’t you worry about them. Normal people like and respect you. Oh yeah, if you need an NSA when you get elected, I will gladly take the job. Better yet, promote me to 5 Star General and let me lead an assault on the Middle East.

Ok, so speaking of the Middle East, what the hell is going on? What in the world can we do when we have so many fanatics running around? Kill them all?

Some dudes just got killed in Qana in Lebanon. Some kids too. But guess what? They were all warned to leave. Don’t give me the argument that the roads were bombed, I don’t care. Drive as far as you can then march your happy ass out of there if you feel that you are an innocent civilian and don’t want to die because your husband or father or brother is a maniac. If you live in a house with a maniac don’t come crying to me when it gets blown up. You are just as guilty as the maniac if you stay and allow it to continue. If you are not a maniac and you are married to maniac, wait until he is asleep and then kill him. Slit his throat and take your butt out of there. Easy. So stop moaning about your dead kid when you allowed him to be in the presence of a maniac. You are just as much at fault.

Is it regrettable that children died? Of course it is. Nobody wants to see dead infants and children. But, like they say, war is hell.

Speaking of hell, there are a bunch of Hezbolla supporters destroying the UN compound in Beirut. Break out the napalm. Bomb each and every one of those American flag burning Jew haters. I watched that protest for an hour just hoping to see a huge bomb explode and blast all those protestors to bits. Why didn’t the UN bomb them? They were under attack were they not? Why didn’t the biggest contributor to the UN, the United States, bomb them to protect our investment? I don’t know, but you put me in charge and I guarantee that crap would not go un-punished.

I would be the best president the world has ever seen. I would also be the most hated and feared. You guys that hate GWB would be 1000 times angrier if I were President.

So anyway, on BBC World I heard a former Lebanese ambassador to the United States blathering on about why there were American flags being desecrated at an anti-Israel rally. It was a long bunch of the normal hate speech but it boiled down to “US tax payer bombs are killing babies in Qana”. Get a life. I would love to have seen him die right there on the spot. I wish the Israelis had snipers in some of those buildings dropping anyone with a Hezbolla flag. He also blathered on about how the Arab world has not been shown respect for the last 50 years. He is dead on accurate with statement. Look at them. Almost all of them act like primates. How can you respect that? Some of my most trusted Muslim friends have made statements that are so ridiculous I won’t even post them. I had a girlfriend that told me she truly believed that GWB paid Osama to fly planes into the WTC. She was dumped on the spot. I have no time for lunatics like her.

I also dumped another girl because she insisted I become Muslim. No way is that going to happen. I am barely a Christian, no way in hell I am going to put up with that Muslim crap, I don’t care how hot she is. She said “If you love me you will convert”, so I said “If you love me YOU will convert”. 2 can play at that game. Anyway, she’s gone. I don’t have the time.

Anyway, speaking of women. All you women appear to me to be crazy. For example, I have known this one particular chick for about 2 years. We have been on a few dates and I like her. Well recently she began to email me and call me much more frequently and asked me to take her to dinner and to spend time with her by the pool and to go to Karaoke night at the embassy (not much else to do, get over it). She also sent me pictures of herself (clothed unfortunately) and just basically has been flirting like hell with me for the past 2 weeks. And, I am not the type of guy that picks up on overt flirtation very easily; it has to be absolutely in my face before I will actually get the hint. So this girl gave me all the hints. I decided to press it a bit so I invited her to dinner and then to watch a movie at my hooch. She shoots back that she has had a boyfriend for the last 2 months. What?! You have been flirting with me all this time, and yes, it was flirtation, and then you want to drop a boyfriend deflection on me? Crazy chick.

I met another crazy chick today. I saw this very beautiful girl talking to a girl I know in the hallway where I work. Later, when I saw the girl I know, I asked her what her friends name was that she was talking to earlier. She asked me why I wanted to know so I told her. “I think she is beautiful and would like to take her out to lunch to get to know her”. What a mistake that was. This other girl has now called me 4 times, added me to her MSN messenger list and sent 5 emails and 3 text messages and I haven’t even been properly introduced! I can tell she will be a stalker so I aint returning any calls. Lunatic chick.

Anyway, that’s my Sunday post. Time to watch some news and hopefully not get hit by the 5 o’clock rockets.

Here is a picture of me on a scooter in Thailand. Man I love Thailand.

Here is a pic of a rock. The name of the rock is “Sleeping Grandpa”. Man I love Thailand.



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