Monday, August 21, 2006

No more Girlfriends, finally.

It has been a few days since my last entry. This is because I have been having overwhelming computer problems. I have to use a program called Ubuntu by Linux to even get on here to check my email. I think I am going to buy a Dell XPS 2010 as a replacement. I thought about getting a Mac but that would probably be stupid. Ok, it would be stupid.

Anyway, I am now without any girlfriends. I dumped all of them. Too much headache. I got no time to be taking 1M phone calls and getting 1M Instant Messages the nano-second I log on to Messenger. Forget them. Bunch of stalkers. I need to find a new one, maybe the 1 in South Africa.

So it has been remarkable peaceful with regards to rockets here the last few days. Nary a 1 actually. I am not complaining. I got some encouraging news that my contract will probably be extended as well. In about 3 weeks the temperature will start to go down and it won't be quite so unpleasant. It really is difficult to deal with the heat. The other day, nearly 1/3 rd of all the A/Cs in my facility went down. Oh well, that is what happens when the ambient temperature is hotter than 40000 degrees.

My buddy from Kuwait is back in town. He brought me some good handmade apple shisha tobacco. Hopefully we can smoke some before he goes. I also brought some 15 year old Glenlivet and some 27 year old Tomintoul back from Scotland. I think I will break open a bottle with him. I like both these bottles better than the 18 year old Glenfiddich, but I won't pass on a glass of that.

I was watching this crap about Jon Benet Ramsey and how the supposed killer “flew back in the lap of luxury”. What a joke. The reporters are so shocked that he got to fly back in Business Class. Don't they have anything else to worry about? I am sure there is a good reason why they used biz, maybe it was to keep him away from the prying eyes of the 250 other people on board? Maybe they could bring him on last and the only people that would know are the ones in 1st and biz? HMMM.

I think he flew on Thai Airways. That is a great airline. The flight attendants all wear these cute silk traditional dresses and they give you an orchid with your meal. They are so nice. I love Thailand.

If any of you know about photography, I am thinking of getting a new Sony Alpha 10MP digital camera. Supposedly it has some serious anti-shake stuff in it which is what I need. I have a puny DSC P-200 but my paws are too big for it and when I mash the photo button I always shake the camera and blur my shot. I need a big fat camera that I can hold on to that isn't going to blur with just a slight movement. Anyway.

I gave my boat away to a janitor at my dads school but now they can't find the title so he can't use it. Apparently he has it all cleaned up and ready to go, but can't legally take it anywhere. I have to get with Texas DOT I guess. Hopefully I can do it online. What a pain.

Sorry for not putting any pics, but I can't risk the data that is on my flash sticks. I have to wait till I get a reliable puter. Oh yeah, here is my favorite news chick. Kristie Lu Stout from CNN. I love her style and she has the cutest voice ever. Her or Rebbecca Gomez on Fox.



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