Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another post at sea

DAY 31
1517 Hours – Sat 28 October 2006

At Sea Day 7

OK. So far I am enjoying the cruise. More than anything I like the fact that I will soon be able to say that I have made a trans-Atlantic crossing by sea. It actually is pretty fun. They have a lot of activities and even though most of the people are older, they are still fun to hang around with and talk to. They are all very interested in my time in Iraq and asked me to put together a slide show of my photos from Iraq. I will. There should be about 20 people and they will all get to see some of my favorite shots.

Anyway, I am slightly up on the gambling side of the house. I was hoping to win 3800 to pay for some more art but I am starting to think it might not be possible. I did pretty well in the blackjack tourney but not well enough. Oh well, we have many days left.

So in 2 more days we will arrive at our second stop in the port of St. Marteen. I was going to book a tour but decided against it. I think I will just chill and maybe hit a few shops and then the beach.

Also, I thought it would be weird to be at sea 6 days without land but it is actually pretty cool. I sleep with my balcony door open and the cool breeze and sound of the wake makes anyone sleep like a baby.



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