Thursday, October 26, 2006

At Sea

DAY 24
1904 Hours – Sat 21 Oct

At Sea Day 0

So I am now aboard the Legend of the Seas en-route back to the US of A. I am happy to be heading back to the States. It has been quite a long time since I have been home and I am excited to be returning. My cruise ends in Tampa or Miami or somewhere in Florida I think. Who cares? I will rent a car and drive home.

Anyway, it may be quite some time before I can make a new blog entry. It turns out that internet costs 25$ per hour onboard the ship. Consequently, I will not be downloading any porn, nor will I be surfing the net or blogging. I will try to make some posts when I get on dry land in Spain in a few days.


DAY 28
1640 Hours – Wed 25 October 2006

At Sea Day 4

The past few days have been remarkable. We are traveling in seas that are approaching 30 feet and the winds have exceeded 70 MPH. We are in the same seas as a major race where many of the racers have had to quit. At least 1 smaller cruise ship has been at port for 4 days awaiting calmer waters. I am on the 7th floor and waves have hit my balcony. That is a splash of at least 50 feet. Members of the crew are so ill that the staff has had to work extra to cover their sea sick coworkers. I think they are about out of bark bags. Anyway, all that being said, I am having a great time of it. I think it is really cool. I love the fact that most of the people are confined to their rooms because they are too ill to venture out. That just leaves more room for me.

There are not many kids which is nice. Both pools are closed because all the water keeps sloshing out of them. Tomorrow should be warmer, calmer and better. Hopefully they will open the pools and I can lay out a bit. I have lost 80% of my time after spending the last month in the UK and the rain.

Well here is my advice so far for anyone wanting to take a cruise. Don’t do it alone. Don’t do it on a trans-Atlantic. Don’t do it in the autumn. Don’t do it on a puny 75K ton ship. Don’t think that it is free once you get onboard. And don’t get a room at either the front or back of the ship. Get a balcony room but not a suite.

You get free food and free water, but about everything else is at a fee. There are a shitload of old people on these things. Pretty much everyone is nice, but old. If you like playing bridge or listening to elevator music, you will be in heaven. I have never seen suck a concentration of bald heads, canes and wheelchairs in my life. This could almost be a floating retirement home. Some of the people lay out on lounges at the indoor pool fully clothed with towels draped over their bodies! What is the point of that I wonder? Stay in bed for crying out loud. Anyway, to each his own I guess.

So also bring some dough to buy art at the auction. I hadn’t thought of it before but they have a huge selection of nice art. I got a cool piece by a dude named Rut. It wasn’t cheap, but oh well, it is nice.

We are now on the second day of 6 days without making a stop. We just passed the Azores. It was cool. Anyway, I also met a nice blonde chick. She is the only other single person within 35 years of my age and I like her so far. We hit St Marteen in about 4 more days and then a few days later, USA!!! I am going to take a tree-top tour in St Mart.

So far I have won 400$ at roulette but I think I have spent 800$ on booze. I also got to see the DaVinci Code. It was ok I guess. Tonight I may try my luck at bingo of all things. I am #2 at the onboard trivia contests. They have some cool comedians and singers and whatnot. All in all I would have to say that while it is a touch boring, it is worth it so far. I cannot say yet if I would recommend it to a friend or not.

Anyway, it is so hard to blog on here but I will try to get something up soon. Also, I will not be posting pictures until I get back as they are too hard to upload and take way too much time.

Oh yeah, the food isn’t bad, but the dining room reminds me so much of the room in Poseidon that it is funny. So many people are scared but I think it is great. Bring it on!


Update to the last. Someone, probably 1 of the many old people, onboard the ship has taken ill and needs to get to the hospital. So now it is 2230 and we have turned around to head back to the Azores to drop someone off at the hospital. My question is this… If the person is so ill, why not send a helicopter to pick them up?!? Why turn a 75000 ton ship around and sail back 4 hours to an island when you could just dispatch a MEDEVAC helicopter? Anyway, so we are headed back to the Azores and should arrive at like 0200. It doesn’t really matter to me, I paid for 14 nights and if this delays us, they can’t very well charge me for extra nights can they? Anyway, I hope it is a huge delay and I am able to get off on in San Miguel. So anyway, I will now try to post these entries. I hope it works.



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