Friday, October 06, 2006

Loaded up the bus and went to the zoo

1835 Hours – Fri 6 Oct

I have to make this a short post. I did not bring my battery charger because it adds about 6 pounds to my load. So I am bit low on juice.

Today I slept very late and then set off for the zoo. I had to catch a bus which is never easy, but it only costs 1 pound versus a 30 pound taxi ride. Maybe I am a bit cheap but I aint paying 60 dollars for a ride to the zoo. So anyway I finally get there and the admission is 20 dollars. A bit steep but not if the zoo is worth it. This one was almost worth it. My biggest problem was that they tried to make the animals so “at home” that you could not see them. What is the point of having exhibits if you can’t see the animals? Anyway it was still pretty cool. They have a really good lion exhibit.

Anyway, here are some zoo pictures.



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