Thursday, October 05, 2006

Last days in Scotland

1633 Hours – Thu 5 Oct

Today I had to go check into a hotel. And just so COL L knows that I am not cheap, I decided to upgrade to a junior suite with castle view at the Sheraton Edinburgh Resort and Spa. It is beautiful. So I have decided to not go out all day and spend some time chilling at the pool. Tomorrow I think I will hit Lock Ness and after that I will visit the Royal yacht and the Concorde. I also have to go on the underground haunted tour as well.

So today was pretty uneventful. It is good to be out of my buddies house because now I can bring chicks home. There are a lot of really hot girls in Scotland, way hotter than England and they are cooler. I will leave it at that. Anyway.

So these guys sure know how to “line up” here. I swear, they are anal about it. They actually line up at the bus stops. You know when you go into a McDonalds how you pick what you think is the shortest line and go stand there? Well here form a single line and wait for the next register to open. They are very polite about not cutting in front of you and are so orderly that it is a bit disconcerting.

They are also way into eating healthy. Well some are. I doubt that haggis is particularly healthy as well as blood sausages. Anyway they have all these organic food stores and shows about it and all. And they are all earthy people. I met a chick who hates GWB for no other reason than he refused to sign the Kyoto agreement. Oh well, some people cant be helped.

Anyway now I am sitting at a restaurant called the Office. It is really cool because it has free internet and the net at my hotel is 50 dollars for 24 hours. Screw that. I can drag my POS Alienware here and sip some brew and get free internet.

Well that is about all. I didn’t take pictures today so let me see if I can find any cool ones to post. Stand by.

Here are some cool old Iraq pictures.

This is me with some dough…

This is what happens when you let a 1SG or SGM make signs.

This is one of my favorite pictures from Iraq.



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