Friday, September 15, 2006

Reality TV

I didn’t hear a single explosion today which is good. I don’t watch the news so maybe something happened but it is my quasi day off so I didn’t really check. All I know is that I didn’t hear anything.

I mailed some more stuff back. My hooch is pretty empty now. I gave away a lot of stuff that just isn’t worth mailing back. I finished another book by Brad Thor called Blowback. It was good. It is a little unrealistic but fun to read and I look forward to the next one.

The MWR café has a moderate assortment of books so hopefully I can find the next book and read it. At any rate, I will soon be out of here and will access to real bookstores and will be able to read whatever I want, not what was left behind by others.

I am anxiously awaiting the first episode of the newest Survivor. I think it already aired in the States but I haven’t seen it. Supposedly they break the teams down by race. What an awesome promotional campaign. I bet some people are up in arms over this and I find that the most entertaining. I think it is a great idea. Outwit, outlast, outplay. I can’t wait to see the finish.

They are also about to start a new Amazing Race. I am too late to enter, but I will apply for the next season. And if I apply, I will be selected, and if I am selected, I will win, of that there is no doubt. I can’t wait to walk away with that 1M dollars. The guy that I will race with is perhaps more capable than me of winning which just doubles our chance to win. I actually feel sorry for anyone that has to race against us. I just hope they do away with the equalizers. I think they should just let us go and whoever makes it to the finish line first wins.

So I am just killing some time. Survivor comes on in a few minutes. I hope there is a Reality TV Network when I get back. I would totally subscribe. I love that stuff. Anyway.



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