Saturday, September 16, 2006


What a wonderfully uneventful day. Some days are uneventful but today was remarkably uneventful and it was great. I finalized my cruise reservation, which was easy and now I am set to determine my 3 weeks before the cruise.

As it appears, I will spend a few days in London, then a few in Scotland and Ireland then I will fly to Holland and then France. All of that is subject to change as has much of my vacation thus far.

Anyway, I finished reading the Blowback novel by Brad Thor and am now reading a book by Barbara Michaels called Black Rainbow. It is starting to remind me of Atlas Shrugged in that I am 185 pages in and am still waiting for it to get interesting. So far it is pretty much a quasi-sappy romance that needs some killing or something. Oh well, I am half the way done so I will finish it.

So Survivor was cool. The black team had to vote someone off because they lost. They are idiots. They had 3 chicks and 2 dudes and voted a dude off. Duh! Now you have only 1 dude to help to pass the physically hard challenges. They had an inept chick they could have voted off and still kept the stronger dude. Bad mistake. I am guessing that choice will cost the black team the win.

The Asian team won the first challenge and the Hispanic team came in second. The whites finished third but should have finished fourth as badly as they played. Anyway, the Chinese look strong as do the Hispanics, but the whites look poor and blacks look worse. At this point, my money is on the Hispanics. They don’t seem to have the stupid “we are doing this for our people” attitude that the blacks have and they also don’t have the “we need to show the world that Asians are strong” attitude that the Asians have and they don’t have the “we are white so of course we will win” attitude that the whites have. Time will, however, tell.

I thought of another reason why I will be happy to be back in the States. Pringles. I get Pringles here, but I yearn for a can that has not traveled 8 thousand miles and has a few unbroken chips in it. Don’t get me wrong, I dig my ranch flavored Pringles, but I would like them more if 90% weren’t broken.

Anyway, tomorrow I am opening my 27 year old Scotch. A few of us are going to hit the pool and have some Cuban cigars and drink it as a farewell to me. I should be in Scotland soon so I will buy a 50 – 100 year old bottle to open upon my return to the States.

I am down to about 9 or 10 days now and the reality that I am leaving my home of almost 3 years is starting to sink in. It really is bittersweet. Oh well, I can’t stay here forever and at least I am going to a cool place.



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