Sunday, December 23, 2007

Finally getting down to business

I think my body has finally recovered from the shift from chilling on the couch drinking beer to working 12.5 hour days. I have to say I very much enjoyed doing absolutely nothing for 4 months, but it is much better to be working. I actually have a decent job to do here and although it is not where I will ultimately end up, I am trying to make the best of it.

I still cannot take my eyes off the runway. I am so close to the runway that you really can feel each plane taking off. I don’t think, as a pilot, one could ever NOT look as they takeoff. Today 2 A10Cs took off right over my head as I was driving around the North end of the runway. I stopped and got out hoping to get some wake turbulence. I didn’t feel any.

This place is pretty boring but tonight we finally got a mortar barrage. Most of the rounds were outgoing but it is still fun to listen to them launch. Hopefully they pounded some Taliban.

Well, it absolutely does not feel like Christmas here. The 82nd had some dudes from the band playing holiday music at the DFAC today, but it just isn’t really the same. I guess I miss being around the family after all. Oh well, they usually put on a decent feast for the holidays and I will buy myself some good presents and have them mailed to me. I might start with getting rid of this POS Alienware.

Well the mortars or whatever have stopped now. Was a pretty good exchange I think. Hopefully they missed all of the good guys and we got some of the bastards.

Well anyway, I need to run. (to bed)



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