Monday, December 10, 2007

Roaming Kuwait

Today was pretty cool I guess. I woke up late and then had a nice breakfast buffet at the hotel’s rooftop restaurant. Sat on the sunny side which looked great but had the sun beating down on me.

I was finally able to get in touch with my buddy who lives here. Unfortunately he is flying out of Kuwait tomorrow so we just got to hang out today. He sent his driver to pick me up and then we went to his job. He works for a large company here.

After a few hours and a decent lunch of chicken kabobs, we went to his apartment. He pays only 1000/month but the place is massive. He also has a new Suburban and it only costs him 4$ to fill up his tank. Yes “4”$$$ to fill the entire tank!

Anyway, I rode with him to the airport this evening and then his driver brought me back. His driver is Iranian so we stopped at an Iranian place for beef kabobs on the way home. It was pretty funny because all his friends thought I looked like a Serb. Don’t ask me how they made that leap, but 2 guys asked me if I was from Serbia.

I have a ton of cool pictures, but I do not have my cable to hook to the computer. I will try to get them on here sometime.

Anyway, I am fixing to grab a light, late dinner and then go smoke some more shisha.



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