Sunday, December 09, 2007

Finally made it to Kuwait!

What a grueling trip that was, not so much because of the flight but the sheer number of hours spent traveling. We got to the Atlanta airport at noon on Friday and departed for Kuwait. We stopped in Newark for a while then we stayed in Geneva for a while, then we flew to Doha, then we flew to Kuwait, then we finally got into Kuwait at 0220 Sunday morning. We had to wait 6 hours for the shuttle to Ali al Saleem airbase then when we got there an hour later we had to get our passports stamped. That took 8 more hours and then we had to drive back to Kuwait airport and catch the hotel shuttle to the hotel. SO I am finally here and settled at around 6 PM Sunday. So the better part of 3 days to get from Atlanta to the hotel. I am pooped. And to make matters that much worse, Kuwait doesn’t even have any alcohol so I can’t even have a small nightcap.

You actually can get booze but will get into a big bind if you get caught with it. I did have dinner and then walked around the streets to settle down a bit. I found a really cool Shisha bar called After 8. So I am now fixing to charge my iPod and start a movie and get to sleep.

The weather here is great, nice and cool which is a big change from you normally experience. 140 is not that uncommon in the summer. So anyway more to follow.



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