Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Broken Bones

Today was cool I guess. I got stuck at KBR after lunch. Something didn't explode nearby so they wouldn't let us walk back to our cars. They are so retarded. If there is a T-Wall between me and some UXO that is all I need. So they wouldn't let us walk around a corner to the exit because there was UXO like 100 meters away. What a joke. So we had to stand out in the sun and wait for them to clear the UXO. I wish there was a waiver or something I could sign so that I could walk to my car. If by some miracle the mortar on the other side of T-Walls 100 meters away explodes, I will gladly accept personal responsibility for my personal safety. Nothing is going to happen. This crap happens all time. Something lands therefore we have to close everything. Twice I have been prevented from getting back to my hooch because of UXO nearby. I have a million sandbags between me and the UXO, I am going to be fine. Just let me back in to sleep.

Last night something exploded and the giant voice went off. My coworker and I were BSing and then we tried to hear what the voice was saying. We don't know but think it was something about “We are coming under indirect attack”. Whatever. The worst part is not the explosions, it is the stupid wailing of that damn siren. The only sound on Earth I can think of worse than that sound is that God awful wailing when they sound Islamic call to prayer. That damn call to prayer is so disgusting it makes me want to vomit. A bunch of alley cats howling sounds like Mozart compared to this abominable screeching.

I met an Iraqi named Ramsey today. He had one arm longer than the other so I asked him what his problem was. It turns out that he was in a party that opposed Saddam and Saddam had him tortured. They broke both his wrists and his arm was broken in 3 places. When it healed, apparently it healed incorrectly so it is shorter. They also broke his ankles and legs and tortured him with electric shocks to the groin, hands and ears. He told me he would gladly die to be able to kill Saddam. I hope he gets his chance.

Anyway, my little sis just called. She is a very successful hair stylist and wants me to front her some dough to open a salon. I think I will do it. So nothing else much going on. I will be eating at the British Embassy tonight and then going to the bar. Like I said earlier, they tend to have better food just because they cook for 500 and we cook for 5000. I saw the new US embassy today. It is massive. I can't wait to see it completed. They don't have trailers thankfully. Everyone will have their own room. Hopefully by Jan 08 everyone will be moved in there.

Anyway, I have to run.



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