Friday, August 25, 2006

Thursday Night SITREP

I have to keep this one brief.

Today was nice. It was hotter than hell, but nice. A great friend of mine is leaving Iraq in a few days and we had a going away piss up for him. He didn't get that pissed but the rest of us did. Oh well. Anyway, all is well I reckon. My roomie is taking his normal 3 hour dump so I am waiting to pee but I will be OK.

I hung out with some more poms, South Africans, and Zims tonight. They are all so funny. I think that most poms are just like us (me) ((not you liberal freaks reading this)). They are taxed so heavily that it physically hurts. You know in Australia it is the same. In Sydney houses cost so much that they have trans-generational loans. When you die, sonny boy takes over the payments. What a joke. Anyway, in pom land, everything costs the same as it would in NYC, only in GBP instead of USD. You see 9 on the menu after “Nachos” and think fine, well that is really like 18$$$$ FOR NACHOS!!!

So you want free health care for all, get used to paying 18$ for nachos and 10$ beers and 8$ gas. Get real. I say, if you are sick pay for it. Oh but what about the poor blah blah blah.... I don't care.

Anyhow, I am going to bed soon so I will end it there. I will get enough hate mail from that, no need to stir the flames more.



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