Thursday, September 14, 2006

Illegal Invasion

Sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been rather hectic what with me trying to get of here and all.

Well I have to say this yet again. DO NOT BUY AN ALIENWARE computer. You will be so sorry and you will regret it. I sent my computer back for the 3rd time for repair because it would not turn on. They promised me that they would replace all the major components and that it would undergo a rigorous test to make sure it worked before they sent it back to me. I called them about 3 days ago and had them change the mailing address to my parents house because they said it would be another 20 days before it would be fixed. Well I would be gone from here and I didn’t want them to mail it here. They said “no problem”. Well. Today I got the computer HERE in Iraq. That means that at the time they told me it would take 20 days to fix, it was already in the mail and they didn’t even know it. So then I get it and take it to my hooch. Guess what? It wouldn’t turn on. They didn’t do a goddam thing to it. So now I have to spend another freaking 75$ to mail the thing back for the 4th time. I have only had this computer in my possession for 20 days out of the last 10 months because it is constantly going back for repair. My computer has almost as many frequent flyer miles as the Pope for god sake. You should not buy one. I promise you that.

Anyway, everyone was going around screaming that Iran forced Syria to force Hezbollah to attack Israel to divert attention from their nuclear program right? Wrong. The Mexicans forced Iran to force Syria to force Hezbollah to attack Israel to divert attention from the illegal immigration issue. They must have promised Iran all the free tacos they could handle or threatened to start sending out maps with ways to illegally cross into Iran. Seriously. What has happened with this? Why don’t we have a wall or some other physical barrier? Why can’t we redeploy our troops from Korea and Germany and stick them on the Border? I will tell you why, it is because of PC bullshit. The politicians are too scared to offend anyone and are never going to do anything about the problem.

I have heard more news about some friggin bolts that astronauts dropped than the illegal immigration issue. Who hasn’t dropped a doggone bolt before? I had to listen to at least an hour of newspeople on Fox drone on and on about Anna Nicole Smiths dead son. Not only did I not know she had a son, but I don’t care. Tell me Fox News, what is being done about the border? That is what I want to know.

Anyway, a buddy of mine is in Jordan now. He is visiting the Dead Sea. He will have such a great time. I have said this before, but you guys need to go there. It is the coolest thing. You know those garage crawlers that mechanics use to get under cars? Well skydivers use them to practice moves for when they jump. You can do the same thing in the Dead Sea. You can have your feet and arms sticking up out of the water and spin around on your belly without sinking. It is so cool. You can also pick up huge rocks and toss them around underwater like on strong man competitions. Don’t get it in your eyes though.

Lots of explosions this morning and a few yesterday. They were pretty much all outside the Green Zone I think but I didn’t cross reference the grids. They didn’t get me so I am happy. It seems like Operation whatever in Baghdad is not going quite as well as I thought. I guess it is better than it was because at least I am not having anything land at my feet.

Other than that, not much new. I am still waiting to sort out my cruise. I am so happy about it. It is not going to cost me that much because the money my company would have spent on airfare will be spent on the cruise. My out of pocket is about what it would have cost me to upgrade to first class. I figure it is better spent on a 14 day cruise. The downside is that I am going to have to fly back to England the same way as before. Uggggg! Oh well. Can’t really complain about a free ride. OK, yes I can, but not too much.



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