Saturday, September 09, 2006


More explosions have occurred in the past few days. Some of them have been very loud and pretty close. It will be good to get a break from here.

I had to make a change in my plans to return. I had planned on sailing aboard the Queen Mary 2 at the end of this month, but they are almost fully booked. The only room left is Q2 which is a deluxe 4 bedroom apartment room and the price is 19,000$. I don't think so. So what I have decided to do is wait a bit and catch a cruise in late October. I will depart Iraq at the end of the month and stay with a few friends. I should be able to stay a week in Ireland, 4 days in Holland, 4 days in the South of France, and then a week or so in London.

I won't have to pay for hotels so it should be just a chill time to see the sights and catch up with some old friends. Then I will take a Royal Caribbean 14 night cruise back. I think it stops in Spain and then some places near Costa Rica. It should be fun. It winds up in Florida rather than New York so I will rent a convertible (if it isn't too cold) and drive to South Carolina. I am looking forward to it.

So I am reading a new book . It is called Messenger by Edward Lee. I am not sure why I picked it up but I am sorry that I did. The guy is a freak. If you are into really psychotic sexual type horror novels, or if you are just a freak, then you would like this one. The guy needs help. Some of the stuff he writes about make me seriously worry about him going out and killing people. He needs psychiatric help badly. So does anyone that likes this book.

Anyway. My dad just bought a 20 foot Triton with a 200hp engine. It is a cool boat. He is a freak about fishing. Some of it rubbed off but not that much. I get him a gift certificate to Bass Pro every year for Christmas and his birthday. Everyone else tries to run around and figure out what he wants, not me, I just get him a big gift certificate and I know that is what he really wants. I can't wait to get back and hit a Bass Pro. Anyway.

So I am going to traipse around Europe for a bit and then head back. I like that plan. I can chill and then chill some more on the cruise and then chill some more at home. No bombs, no arabs, no screeching prayer calls. Just me, a pool and some cool climate. I can definitely deal with that.



Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

"I get him a gift certificate to Bass Pro every year for Christmas and his birthday."

Hey, you copied me, that's what I get my pop too. That and a gift cert. for Borders Books.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 at 10:24:00 PM GMT+4  

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