Friday, September 01, 2006

My bad mood post

Deleted paragraph about my deal here.

I can hardly manage to think about anything other than that, work, and getting out of here.

But, I did manage. What is the deal with people that wear headphones that are so loud you can hear them 20 feet away with other music playing? I was swimming laps and I could hear this dudes iPod almost 20 feet away. He is going to go deaf. Why not just buy a freaking radio and play it. You are not doing anyone any favors by sticking those 15 inch woofers in your ear. We can still hear it.

You know what else annoys me? People that use hands free ear things to talk on cell phones. They talk so damn loud and they are just standing there shouting into thin air. Get a life.

A buddy of mine and I were talking at the pool today about Iran and the Middle East. My greatest wish is that we just nuke Iran and others and be done with the place, but he presented me with an option B and I like it. He proposed that if he were president he would make it a mission of the countries scientists to develop an alternative fuel source. No expense would be spared. It would be similar in scope to landing a man on the moon. We are both convinced that this could happen. We have the smartest dudes on the planet and we could for damn sure come up with an engine that runs on something other than doggone oil. I actually believe we have, but that a vast conspiracy exists to shield us from this knowledge. We can land a satellite on a doggone meteor or asteroid or whatever it was but we can't make a flammable liquid other than gasoline? I think not.

Anyway, he says to get another form of fuel and be done with this place. I agree 100%. That or nuke it. This was supposedly a “War for Oil”, I say good, take the damn oil. Run a pipeline to the US East coast and take every drop from Iraq. Well I guess we could let the coalition partners have some as well, at a discount. These people are doomed the instant the oil runs out anyway right? I doubt that date palms are going to sustain the Iraqi economy.

I just read my post. It appears that I am in a sour mood tonight. Oh well.

I caught the tail end of some movie where they were having a fight in France and the Statue of Liberty was fixing to be shipped to the US. Jackie Chan was in it. That struck me as pretty cool. I would have loved to live in those days. Before TV, before liberal PC bullshit, before all this touchy feely crap. What happened to times when if someone was a danger they were just killed? “Oh, you are a threat to my throne?, wham, beheaded” I like that. Now we have to crawl to the America hating UN to beg them to impose BS sanctions on someone. We should just assassinate that mofo or nuke them. I got your UN dangling.

Maybe I am in a worse mood than I thought. Maybe I shouldn't post this. My buddy today would not post this. I am not my buddy so here it is. I actually think it's funny and I love the fact that many of you might be outraged and hate me for it.


Oh I almost forgot, Poseidon sucked.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best part of the the blog was when you said poseidon sucked. Nuking isn't the answer to everything! That's greedy, selfish, lazy talk. BUT I can understand that you are fed up so relax, I won't bash you. Don't'll be home soon. Then you'll want to nuke Walmart for sure! Damn.

Peace out bro

Monday, September 4, 2006 at 7:32:00 AM GMT+4  

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